16 April 2009

Our Getaway

Monday, Chad and I took off on a minny “weekend” getaway. Yes, on Monday. With his schedule we take them when we get them.

So we headed out across US 2 which is part of the cascade loop through the Cascade Mountain Range here in Washington State.

Some people at work had told Chad about a little German town, on the other side of the mountains from us, called Leavenworth. We found a cute little B&B (Scandinavian Escape) online and made our reservations to stay a couple of days in their Valhalla Suite.

This is the Bed and sitting area with fireplace in our room.

In the morning, we were awakened by the smell of fresh ground coffee served in a separate sitting room just outside our door. Then, this Beautiful, delicious Breakfast was served in our room By our faBulous hostess Linny.

The french doors opened onto a Balcony with views of the Enchanted Mountains.

Our private Bath with two person shower, jacuzzi tub, and my favorite part a heated tile floor.

Downtown Leavenworth, town center, and the Maypole.

We went out driving toward Wenatchee on Tuesday just to see the countryside. These are pics of the apple and pear orchards that cover almost all available land in this area. For miles on either side of the road all you can see are rows and rows of trees. The houses are just sitting in amongst these trees, with no more clearing than the area around the house and up the driveways. It’s a pretty cool sight.

This is the ColumBia River and Rocky Reach Dam area.

Don’t have many pics caus my Batteries died and I didn’t have any more on me inside. You have to go through a metal detector to get into the viewing area and museum at the dam and I was not about to go Back outside.

The picnic area and playground outside the dam.

This is proBaBly the coolest tree I have ever seen. It is called a Camperdown Elm and I just love the way it looks.

Everything here in WA is just starting to Bloom so these pink trees stand out against all the pines and leafless trees everywhere. This one was all By itself on the corner of the other wise empty flower Bed.

These white Birch trees are every where on the other side of the mountains. I don’t know what it is aBout them, But I looovvee these trees. They are just Beautiful.

The B&B we stayed at actually has a Bed in one of the other rooms handmade from these trees. They have pics of it on their weBsite.

Some pics of Chad goofin' off.

These were taken on the way home. We decided to drive a different route and took I 90. This is at the ColumBia River.

Some wild flowers on the side of the road, I thought they were dandelions until I got up close. They look kinda like miniature sunflowers.

The drive home.

The scenery on this road was pretty awesome. It went from the high 60’s, desert terrain to low 40,s and snow within about 30 min. It was proBaBly one of the prettiest drives we have ever taken.