15 December 2009

here is my anniversary present, the pics are kinda crappy, but if you click on them and enlarge you can see it

06 December 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

The dining room and buffet we built.

The kitchen tree.

Yes, I have more than one.

I have my mamma to blame for the double trees. She use to put one in almost EVERY room in our house. We even had a small one in our bathroom.

I tried to get another one for the

dining room, but Chad wouldn’t go along with that.

There’s always next year.

Went out back of the house and picked up all this greenery to make swags for my front windows.

But putting holes in the house is NOT allowed, so I just put most of it up in the house. I also have four hanging swags to put on the porch posts outside.


I saw these letters in a catalog, eleven for 20 bucks. Yeah right, made these for less than 6 and that was the cost of two yards of fabric.


Spent all day yesterday painting this window for the front room. Last night as I was getting ready to do the letters “Let it Snow”, I look out my window and it was snowing. We just got a light dusting, but it was snow.

This is the tree in our front room, my favorite. The rest of the house is all grown up, but this one makes me feel like a little kid again. I always do this tree and the outside of my house in colors. The white just doesn't feel as much like Christmas.

Most of the presents are for Angel & Solomon, I swear they are gonna have a better Christmas than us this year.

Here is Solomon; he is kinda a camera hound. He wouldn’t leave me alone til I took his picture. And when I say "wouldn't leave me alone" I mean bouncing up in my face and crying. We should have named him Tigger, cuz he can bounce, just not on his tail.