20 January 2013

Craft Room Redo

Once all the paint was in the front room I decided it would be way TOO much Bright and Cheery to do it all in the yellow.

 So in the back room I used Antique Lace on the top and the yellow on the bottom.
Now that I have once again changed the plan... I have to figure out what to do on the walls to cover the line.

I really wanted to go with something other than just a chair rail... But since we probably won't be here for long... 

That was the best option. Now we are ready to put in the baseboards, trim, and chair rail.
So off to the store we went...
After an hour of looking and getting more frustrated by the minute...

 We thought we had found the solution when we came across what would have been perfect. 
4in. pieces for $2.50
We could raise them just a bit off the floor add the quarter round and get my tall baseboards...
And this is why I ALWAYS have a measuring tape in my purse :) 
(Which I of course left in the truck.)  
They looked really small to me and I knew we needed at least a 4 to cover where the old ones came out. So off I went to find a tape. The boards actually measured 3 1/4in... ??? 3/4 of an inch is HUGE when measuring. Needless to say my frustration turned into "getting pissed off"
(Which was apparently very obvious, because the employees were "running" from us. Seriously, one guy actually turned down the other isle TWICE to avoid us.)  
I wanted 5in baseboards, yes I know that is wide, but I like the look. Well nothing comes in that size and a 6in. (which is ACTUALLY 5 1/4in.) would have worked Perfectly... Except those are $7 a piece for the crappy stuff. 
However sitting right beside the "6"in was a "12"
(11 1/4) for less than $11. The exact same wood...
Problem solved. I get my 5's and it doesn't cost us more than everything else in the room. 

And since we have the bestest Dad ever...
who hauled this table saw from Kentucky to give to us, it only took about 20 minutes to cut them all down. 
 We cut the "12"s down the middle and got all we needed out of 5 boards.

A few coats of white paint...

And some clean up... And we are all ready to install :) FINALLY, it is starting to look like we are getting somewhere on this room.

 I love how the floors turned out and the yellow on the walls just makes them look even more Gorgeous!!!

 Gotta go get to work... More to come later!!!

09 January 2013

Craft Room Redo... Floor

When I found these beautiful wood floors in the closet I immediately wanted to tear up all the carpet to see the treasure underneath. The downstairs was built in the 60's and we weren't real sure what we would find under there. So I tried not to get my hopes up, but...   
Just the thought of having wood floors in my craft room was pretty exciting. 
Chad however could not understand WHY!!! I would want to tear out perfectly, good, brand new carpet for old wood floors.

This is what we found! :)

I was in love and couldn't understand WHY!!! someone would have EVER have covered these up. They did need some TLC, but were in really good shape.
Chad wanted to put the carpet back... I think it was because he knew who would have to do most of the work :)

We spent a week just on the floors... sanded, cleaned, sanded some more, polyed, screened, polyed, and cleaned again.

But the end result was completely worth it.

And Chad has decided that once again... I was right :)

I wonder if I can convince him to do the rest of the house now!!!

I better just work on finishing this first. Still need to finish painting....
And then I have to figure out HOW I am getting ALL of this back in there... 
I also have a sewing table to get built, and furniture on the front porch that needs to be redone. I will post more as we get it done.