07 April 2013

Front Yard

The front of the house before we moved in.
 These photos were taken last year when we started working on the yard.

Moved these stepping stones around from the back yard.
The perfect spot for my arbor.
 Found the two doors and the window Treasure Huntin'. The gate I got from my Momma. Chad and my Dad-in-law built this last summer.
 This side of the house had those ugly wood pieces just laid out beside the driveway... Actually these ugly wood pieces are ALL OVER the yard.

 So I came up with something to do with my pallets I have been collecting :)
 These are going to get whitewashed. Yep, I am doing it the hard way. This was kinda a last minute idea I thought up one day.

 And now here is the front yard about a week after we redid the grass seed this year.

 And this is what it looks like now.

 The pathway looks much better in the front yard than it did in the back.

 And my Gorgeous arbor... can't wait to get some flowers growing. But that is a whole other problem for me. I do not have a green thumb.
 I'll just be happy if I can keep his grass alive and pretty.

12 February 2013

It is DONE!!! Well the hard part anyway :)


Still needs ALL the finishing touches, but… Here she is...

See told you... my husband is AMAZING 
and yes he hand made all of those crates.

Craft Room...

Lots of progress and it is looking FABULOUS!!!

Check out those Gorgeous, Handmade baseboards my AMAZING husband made for me :)


And there he is… installing them. Don’t tell him this photo made it on here, he doesn’t like when I “accidentally” get him in a shot. :)

He is the only reason ALL my ideas ever turn into reality. He somehow manages to create about everything I can dream up. And to do this he has to be able to see the ideas mostly in my head, because I never really have a plan, just the idea of what it should look like. 

This is one of those examples. Found this Beautiful "Treasure" and had to have it for my room. Just needed to be adjust a bit... :)
It started out at 36" to fit an outside door... BUT I knew he could fix it just the way I wanted it...
And here is his masterpiece.  

But you will have to wait for my next post to see it in the room. I am in love with it and it looks Gorgeous in there. :)
And another example of his amazing-ness. When we took the carpet out it left the raw edge at both doors.

He came up with this to fix that.
A 2x4...  

cut into strips...
                                                                  then routed...                                      
a couple coats of stain, this was the hard part since we had to try to match the floor. But they turned out pretty good. :) I forgot to put the poly on them so I need to get them finished so he can install them.  

 Here are a few things I have been working on when he is at work and we can't do the big stuff.