01 July 2010

Finished!!!! For Now

Here are a few of the projects we've been working on.

This is the front yard on the right side of the porch.
I love my old bike, thank you Patrick for letting me dig through all your good junk.

Our back porch.
I got these chairs from Chad's mom. She had them out in the barn, so I brought them home with me, cleaned them up and put a coat of white spray paint on them. I found a cute little white table in a magazine and Chad took some scrap wood we had and built this for me. The wreath is actually my summer wreath that goes on the front door, but the colors are perfect for the screened porch so I moved it.

Since I can't keep the damn deer out of my tomatoes I decided to put them in pots on the back porch. So I painted the pots in bright sunshiny colors and just set em out here.

Got this one from Aunt Pam.
She posted this flower pot idea on her facebook page Beehind Thyme Garden & Wares (check it out, she always has great stuff on there) and I loved it, just had to make one for my Red, White, and Blue Patriotic theme in my front yard.

I originally came up with this idea for the front door, but Chad said NO because we would have to leave it when we move and we are not spending money on a house we don't own.
So I decided to put it in my kitchen.
The laundry room is off the kitchen beside my fridge. When we moved in the original door was in the garage and we soon figured out why. The door opens into the room as does the garage door and the room is so small there is barely room for a washer and dryer.
Also, once I got the room painted I loved the color and didn't want to close it off from the rest of the house.

Of course, Chad being Chad he couldn't figure out why I would want to put a screen door in the house and thought for sure it was gonna be a bad idea. But, since he is such a great husband he just went with it and built it anyway.
And once again I won. We both love it.

The color in my laundry room was just to add something different.
It was closed up and claustrophobic til we took down most of the cabinets that were all hung crooked and looked like they would fall off the wall at any moment. It still needs more work, but at least it takes away some of the laundry dread.

This was our final project (for now). Since our buffet turned out so great I have been wanting a table with the same style. Just needed the right parts for it.

While back home in KY and going through all Patrick's great treasures I mentioned wanting some old wooden boards . So he went and hunted down these for me.
Thank you again.

I showed Chad my idea and as always he made it more fabulous than I imagined.

It is perfect sitting in our dining room with the buffet, but now my chairs don't go at all. Guess I'll be adding those to my list too. I'm gonna try to refinish them in the ebony stain, hope it will work. If not I will have another project on my hands (actually Chad will) :)

11 May 2010

Home Sweet Home AGAIN

Well here we are in Georgia again and finally getting the house somewhat organized.

The entire house is in need of some TLC. All the walls need paint and a few other upgrades would be nice, but when you rent you make do with what you got.

Here are some pics of what I have done so far,

This is our MASTER bath.

Sorry no before pictures, I forgot to take them, just wanted to get it done.

We painted the walls, done all the trim in white.

I also painted the light fixture over the mirror, it was a horrid gold and did not fit the room at all.

so a coupla coats of white spray paint and it looks like a brand new fixture.

I would love to be able to do all the cabinets throughout the house in white, just to give it a more updated and fresh look.

This is our second bathroom (our designated bathroom) before the makeover.

And after my ducks invaded.

The walls got a coat of Blue Raindrop, very fitting for my duckies in the rain. A coat of white on this outdated cabinet to match the trim and my own personal touches to make a library fit for a king.

Now to the living room.

The fireplace itself is great, I love the way it is made with the big, flat rocks, but the mantle and screen are not my taste at all.

Some (Hot Chocolate) on the fireplace wall and a little (Cream in my Coffee) on the rest.

And Granny’s quilt as the center piece behind the couch and it’s a warm and cozy living room.

Yes those are the sides to my tv stand. I had to put them there because….

The tv hookups are all on the wall beside the fireplace for some reason and they won’t fit in the tiny space.

And here it is the room you’ve all been waiting for. The kitchen with probably the ugliest counter tops ever.

And ya’ll thought I was just over reacting didn’t you.

All hope of ever getting this to look good is lost, so I am just gonna have to live with this one.

More to come later still got alot of work to do.