22 May 2015

DIY Wall Art

DIY wall art using a few old frames, some fabric, sticks, & paint.
I used a lightweight cotton canvas to wrap all the frames.
Wrap fabric around the frame and cut enough to tuck.

 Just a bead of hot glue and a few staples (optional).
And you have a blank canvas to start creating.

I added a couple of coats of white primer as a base for my chosen colors. This keeps the color truer, painting on the fabric made my colors much darker than I wanted.

While waiting on paint to dry...
I used a printed table cloth to cover 2 of my frames.

I already have these colors in my room so I knew which paints I needed. I used a pillow sham to color match. 

 A quart of each Colorplace paint, Kentucky Bluegrass & Derby Blue Moss.
This is also a great project to use any extra paint you may have around the house. 

A couple of coats of your chosen colors and they are ready for anything.

 These sticks kept falling out of a tree in our front yard and I just love the way they look. These are what inspired the whole piece.
Laid them out, played with them til I got them just right. Then snipped the ends on a few randomly placed twigs, and hot glued them all onto the canvas.
 I made sure to cut them all so they would overhang, then once it was all glued on I went back and snipped off just a few.
And they are ready for the finishing touches... I wanted to do cherry blossoms, but pink doesn't really work with this. I had to get creative...

I tried making fabric blooms, but just wasn't getting the look I wanted. Then I went diggin' in my floral stash...
I had to disassemble 3 different kinds of florals, then reassemble to get the look I wanted... but I was able to make just the right flowers for my piece.