23 December 2008

Angel chasing snowballs. It is hilarious watching her fetch snowballs, she'll dig forever trying to find them. These kinda show how deep the snow is.

This is the Nissan sitting out front of the house. If you look really close you can see there is about a ft on it.

White Christmas

Snow, snow, and more snow. We are a little under the weather up here, literally. It has snowed here for most of the last 10 days. Yesterday was the only day we haven't had any. It has started up again today, just a few mild flurries here and there. It is gonna be a white Christmas this year. Our guesstimate is that we have anywhere from 10in to 2ft depending on where your standing.

23 October 2008


This is what Chad bought me for my birthday.

20 September 2008

02 September 2008

Admiralty Head Lighthouse

This is the lighthouse at Fort Casey State Park. There is a lot of cool history at this park and the lighthouse. I did my writing profile on this and found that history is very exciting. I think visiting a place as your learning about it gives you a different perspective on the history.
A gentleman that volunteers at the lighthouse told me that the lighthouse was the first house on the island to have a bathtub. Because most people had never seen one, the lighthouse keeper and his wife would throw parties to show off the tub.

These pics were taken at sunset, of course.

22 August 2008

Our Back Yard

This is the view from my back porch. This is the best thing about where we live.

This mountain is miles & miles away, it can only be seen on very, very clear days. We've lived here for almost a year and I think I've seen this a total of 4 times. We think it might be Mt Rainier, but not real sure.

The moon rise over our back field.

This one is at sunset, the sun sets at the front of the house, but sometimes on the island it engulfs the whole sky.

This picture is from my front porch. Pictures do not even show how spectacular this was.

14 August 2008

Just Us

Since everyone always complains that we never send pictures of ourselves, here are some pics of us.

This was taken at Fort Casey State Park. We are standing on top of the fort.

Walking on the beach, this is a once a week trip. We try to find a new one every week. Chad is getting really tired of going to the beach, but it is my favorite place to be.

This one is us on the cliffs by the lighthouse at Fort Casey.

This was pretty cool, you can't really see it, but this tree is growing out the edge of a cliff at Fort Ebey.

Chad at Fort Casey State Park beside one of the 10in disappearing guns.

Our Baby Girl Angel

Angels favorite place to be, curled up in bed with daddyAngel loves walking on the beach. Her favorite part is exploring
the driftwood for hidden doggy treasures.

For some reason, she has a fear of the ocean. It took Chad about 20 min to get her up on this log. If we try to lead her to the water on her leash she will grab the leash, dig her paws in and drag us across the beach away from the water.

Angel and Chad exploring at Fort Ebey State Park.

12 August 2008


My favorite place in the world is the ocean at sunset. There are no words to describe how I feel as I watch nature paint the sky with the most beautiful shades of color. Listening to the sounds of the ocean as it washes away the day, and the endlessness of the two wonders. No matter how many times I see it, it is always different and amazing. Even with a beach full of people I feel as though it was put there just for me.
When I’ve had a bad day, it is my escape. Sitting and watching the sunset is so peaceful and serene; it melts away the stress of the day and clears my head. All my worries and problems seem so small compared to the immensity of the sun setting slowly into the ocean. I am always in awe of this majestic scene.
I don’t understand how such splendor is in our everyday lives and we just allow it to slip by without notice. In my opinion nothing can compare to the vastness and remarkable beauty of the ocean and sky meeting to say goodnight.
April D Edwards