11 May 2010

Home Sweet Home AGAIN

Well here we are in Georgia again and finally getting the house somewhat organized.

The entire house is in need of some TLC. All the walls need paint and a few other upgrades would be nice, but when you rent you make do with what you got.

Here are some pics of what I have done so far,

This is our MASTER bath.

Sorry no before pictures, I forgot to take them, just wanted to get it done.

We painted the walls, done all the trim in white.

I also painted the light fixture over the mirror, it was a horrid gold and did not fit the room at all.

so a coupla coats of white spray paint and it looks like a brand new fixture.

I would love to be able to do all the cabinets throughout the house in white, just to give it a more updated and fresh look.

This is our second bathroom (our designated bathroom) before the makeover.

And after my ducks invaded.

The walls got a coat of Blue Raindrop, very fitting for my duckies in the rain. A coat of white on this outdated cabinet to match the trim and my own personal touches to make a library fit for a king.

Now to the living room.

The fireplace itself is great, I love the way it is made with the big, flat rocks, but the mantle and screen are not my taste at all.

Some (Hot Chocolate) on the fireplace wall and a little (Cream in my Coffee) on the rest.

And Granny’s quilt as the center piece behind the couch and it’s a warm and cozy living room.

Yes those are the sides to my tv stand. I had to put them there because….

The tv hookups are all on the wall beside the fireplace for some reason and they won’t fit in the tiny space.

And here it is the room you’ve all been waiting for. The kitchen with probably the ugliest counter tops ever.

And ya’ll thought I was just over reacting didn’t you.

All hope of ever getting this to look good is lost, so I am just gonna have to live with this one.

More to come later still got alot of work to do.