12 August 2008


My favorite place in the world is the ocean at sunset. There are no words to describe how I feel as I watch nature paint the sky with the most beautiful shades of color. Listening to the sounds of the ocean as it washes away the day, and the endlessness of the two wonders. No matter how many times I see it, it is always different and amazing. Even with a beach full of people I feel as though it was put there just for me.
When I’ve had a bad day, it is my escape. Sitting and watching the sunset is so peaceful and serene; it melts away the stress of the day and clears my head. All my worries and problems seem so small compared to the immensity of the sun setting slowly into the ocean. I am always in awe of this majestic scene.
I don’t understand how such splendor is in our everyday lives and we just allow it to slip by without notice. In my opinion nothing can compare to the vastness and remarkable beauty of the ocean and sky meeting to say goodnight.
April D Edwards

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