13 May 2009

Momma's Project Friday

On the Thursday before Easter, my husband came home from work with......

A baby brother for Angel. As you can tell after being the only child for 5 yrs she is not too sure if she wants to keep him or not. It took us a few days to come up with a name and decided on

When Angel was a baby I made her a pink camo blanket with her name on it so I figured I'd do the same for Solomon, but could not find blue camo anywhere. So I picked up some blue doggy fabric and decided to make him a bed instead.

1 yrd each of dog print and blue polka dot
Lay fabrics print sides together, cut batting to fit.
Stitch all sides, leaving an opening at the bottom to flip right side out.

I sewed mine then decided to embroider his name on it, I recommend doing the embroidery first.

For his name I used a piece of striped fabric with doggy bones on it. Printed out letters from the puter then traced onto fabric. Outlined with brown thread, then used brown, blue, and tan thread and hand stitched inside letters.

As you can see I had help, making it very difficult to actually get the letters sewn.

Did another outline around the name and cut off excess fabric.

Used stuffing from a couple of old pillows, then sewed up the unfinished edge.

The finished bed is a hit.
Angel doesn't even sleep in her store bought bed anymore, guess I'm gonna have to go shopping for some pink fabric now.

Angel has also decided that having a new baby brother isn't so bad after all.

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