25 September 2009

Fall Decor

Finally got my front porch finished for Fall.
Our front porch is really great for decorating, but I haven't really had the urge to do it til now.
I think it has to do with the colors, they are perfect for this time of year.
(clic the pic to enlarge)
Put the finishing touches on yesterday.
My favorite part is probably the crows that are perched on everything.

I also love how my sign turned out, even if it did take me two days to get it right.
yes it is suppose to be crooked

And then we have Floyd and Maude. They started the whole thing.

Thank you Aunt Pam for helping with the faces. :)


brat said...

awee it looks awesome!! i just thought you were doing like a little display but you have decorations every where!! i love it!!!! the crows are adorable..did you make those too??

love you
miss you

Anonymous said...

OMG... You have truly impressed me... I absolutely love it!!! All of it!!! I too... love the crows, Maude & Floyd take the cake!

You need to leave everything through to Thanksgiving... start on your Turkeys now... Chad could cut them out of wood and you paint them... Love the sign, you did such a good job.

Love you bunches... Aunt Pam