13 March 2009

Our Flag

I didn't get my project for this week done in time so I decided to post our flag instead.

This is a project that my husband Chad and I did last summer. I am a proud American and Navy wife so I always make sure that my colors are flying first thing every time we move.

I'm not sure where the idea came from, I just thought that it would be cool to collect some drift wood from the beach and make this flag.

We went and got about 15 pcs of wood, cut the pieces to about the same size with a hand saw so the edges would still be jagged, then attached two one by fours to the back to hold it all together.

Then I covered up each area seperately and spray painted the red and white. The blue aera was painted white. I cut out small stars from an old pair of jeans and taped them onto the square. ( if you don't tape them down, they will fly off when you spray)

This is the finished flag on our front porch. I have two spot lights in front of it and at night they illuminate the flag with a faint blue light.


Sugarplum Cottage said...

I just love this flag and imagine it didn't cost anything but the paint. Now this is this creative or not? Guess what I'm viewing your project on. Yes, on my new laptop, I love it. Love Momma

Irma's Rose Cottage said...

I just love your project. I will need to go find some wood and make one. I love the red, white and blue. Thanks for sharing your creative project.

Hugs :)


Mermaids of the Lake said...

Your flag is wonderful. I love it! So creative and inspirational. Tell your husband thank you from me!

Country Romantic said...

So patriotic and lovely. I love your creativeness. :) Great project.

Hugs & Blessings,


Barb said...

That flag is great!! So creative, and special.

Thanks for coming by and looking at my bird nest tutorial.

Blessings, and thanks for your guy serving.

Barbara Jean

Lady Katherine said...

What a great idea! The flag is great! You did a wonderful job!

Katherinellen said...

The flag is wonderful...you did great....very creative...Tell your husband we are proud of him representing and sacrifice for our freedom. Proud of our America solders. Sorry I din't visit you last week...it bee so busy with my daughter...Thanks for praying for her. you have a wonderful day..Kathy