26 March 2009

Momma's Project Friday

Magnetic Picture Frames

What You Will Need:

material, scissors

templates (you can use aBout anything for this)

card stock, ruler or straight edge

glue gun, fray Block, utility knife, magnets

First, measure and trace out all your frames.

Use scissors to cut along outside and utility knife for the insides.

You can Be very creative with your shapes and sizes on these.

(I used my old shredder and a couple of old iron pot holders for templates.)

Cut center so that you can wrap toward the Back of frame. Lay card stock onto Back of faBric, lining up with center. Glue down corners, sides and then inside flaps. Trim excess faBric.

Use fray Block on all your cuts to make sure the faBric doesn’t fray. (Best to do this Before you glue and let dry.)

Glue magnet strips onto Back.

EmBellish, Being careful not to overload what magnet will hold.

For these I cut out the floral pattern and glued to card stock, then trimmed off the edges and added to my plain green frames.

Print out pics, trim, and hang on fridge.

I made these for Chad's filing caBinet in his home office.


Paula said...

This is a great idea - I am saving this to use as a Christmas gift! Paula from Idaho

Sugarplum Cottage said...

Ahhhh these are so sweet. That Miss Mia is just too cute and I can not believe the picture of Angeric, she is so grown-up. You did a wonderful job. Thanks for joining Project Friday this week. Momma

brat said...

so since you dont have a g-o-b and have tons of time on your hands...why dont you make your favorite sister some of these for her apartment next year ;)
love you
miss you

Katherinellen said...

That is so pretty...great ideas. Great gifts to give for birthday and Christmas. Thanks for sharing...Love it! You and Jessi looks a like to me. Ya'll are so pretty! Have a wonderful week...Kathy

Lady Katherine said...

Wow! These are great! I know they took a lot of time! they are so pretty! You have a wonderful talent.