27 July 2012

Treasure Huntin' find... Uranium glass lamp!!!

The last coupla Treasure Hunts have been bountiful!

This chandelier begged me to take it home on four separate occasions, but each time I passed it by. I love the nautical look it has, but I just could not think of anything I could use it for. 
Well on this trip I decided that since it was still there after 2 weeks it was OBVIOUSLY meant for me to take home.
AND I have a fabulous plan for it...

  A little something for Chad or at least that is what I told him.  I picked this one up for him because he always says I never get him anything. It is really so he can build me more stuff. But we ain't gonna tell him that. :)
 Just a few small random things that will be put to good use. 
I love collecting little unique glass and silver kitchen items. The salt shaker has already found it's home in a glass front cabinet... Which will hopefully soon have chicken wire instead of glass. :)
 This adorable little lamp was a must have as soon as I saw it. I love the jade color. My camera does not do this lamp justice at all. For some reason the colors are off in every photo I take. It has no wire and no makers mark, but I knew it was definitely special.
 I just didn't know how SPECIAL until I got it home... And realized I had actually found a real Treasure.
From my research I have found out that this is a Houze Uranium lamp. The uranium gives it this fabulous glow.
 This is what it looks like under a black light.
And here it is all cleaned up with a new cord. Just need to find the PERFECT shade... Because you can't use just anything on something this Amazing.
 Another great trip this week... Lots of great finds.
 I'm pretty sure I have a frame addiction :) But each one will be used to make something fun and unique. The little tea jar with the wire clasp will be added to my collection in the laundry room, turned around so the words don't show, of course.
 How cute is this little stool. I see a coat of paint and some fun fabric in it's future.
 Love the design and colors on this spread, that will be used as fabric. And of course more frames.
 I just can't help myself they are all so pretty.
 And how great is it when you find a matching set. Well I found these pieces about a year ago... 5 bowls and this beautiful platter. They were perfect for my dining room and look great with the sunflower fabric and black ticking. Well.....
 Look what I found this week :) 5 matching plates. OH MY!!! How is that even possible? Not a REAL Treasure, but I am pretty excited about it.

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