08 January 2013

Craft Room Redo...

The moment we walked thru the door I knew this would be our new home. Within 5 minutes I had the entire house planned out and decorated. And the two downstairs bedrooms were immediately turned into a large craft room ( in my head). 
This is the beginning of our HUGE DIY remodel.

This is the front bedroom…

And the closet wall between the two.

These photos were taken soon after we moved in, my “Treasures” have multiplied since then. :)

This is the other bedroom...

And that wall... which had to go. It was just taking up too much space.

So… We knocked it out.

The original plan was to take out both closets and make one large room. Then we discovered this was a support wall, so we had to re-think the whole thing. Since this usually happens with all of my Fabulous ideas it wasn't hard to redesign the original plan.

So we left a closet on one side, not a big deal since it does leave some storage in the two rooms. And I have a great idea to make it work in the finished room.

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