09 January 2013

Craft Room Redo

Now we had to teach ourselves how to drywall. Which really wasn't so bad til we got to the muddin' part.
Angel our drywall inspector had to make sure we were doing a good job :)

First piece :)

We rebuilt a closet. The muddin' was not our friend. That stuff is impossible to do perfect.

So I came up with my own technique...  Just throw it on and make it look pretty later.

See that little bitty strip across the top. I did that one all by myself, but he had to hang it because I couldn't reach to put the screws in :(

More Muddin'

And all our walls are up!

Now to make the mud look pretty. These little sponges are the best. Like I said we just learned as we went on this remodel and our muddin' skills are not great, but these little sanding sponges made it look Amazing!!!
Then it was time for the hard part...

Picking just the right color to paint!
YES, they are all yellow. I have had my craft room designed in my head for a while now. Red, Yellow, and Linen... 
In one of my "Treasure Hunting" posts, there was an old red door that I had picked up a few years ago, it was redone when we first started this room. 
 This is what inspired the whole room...
Added to this... 
 A few coats of paint and some Gorgeous fabric from 
Beyond Fabric (my Fabulous local fabric store)...
 And I now have a beautiful craft table.
And that is why ALL the paint choices are yellow.
Now back to picking just the right color. I always have a hard time with this. On our tiny downstairs bath I had 5 color samples on the wall for two weeks before I picked a color. 

Chad is not very good at helping with this part.
His answer when asked which one he liked was
"I like the yellow one."
So I went with the yellow one. :)

All the drywall is primed and we are ready to paint.
I was just going to paint the front room yellow and leave the other since it looked good with my linen fabrics, But...

After seeing how bright and cheery this makes the room look I am painting it all.
And it really makes the original paint that was in here not look so good after all.  

After doing this wall I was really glad I decided to try the paint and primer in one. It looked really good with just the one coat...
However, I had already done that wall with primer and soon found out once I started on the other walls that it pretty much sucks. The original color really isn't that dark and it did a terrible job covering it up. 
I love Valspar paint, but I will not be using the all in one again :(

The color I picked is Valspar Maple Cream 
for Jessi... It is #7

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Pamela 'Beehind Thyme' said...

UNBELIEVABLE! You '2' did a WONDERFUL job... LOVE the table for creating & the color on the walls is SO bright & cheery!