13 June 2012

Downstairs Bathroom

This Wonderful piece I got in Kentucky from my brother-in-law was the inspiration for my "community" bathroom.
Isn't it just beautiful? Not everybody saw how amazing this piece was with all it's dirt and rust, but for me it was love at first sight. I just knew it would be gorgeous in my house.We were still in the process of buying our home when I got this and many other great Treasures in Kentucky so it didn't really have a place yet, but I just had to have it.
Originally it was going to go in the upstairs Guest Bath, but as it sat in the tub downstairs to be washed... I decided that I couldn't put it somewhere that it wouldn't be seen very often. 

Since we had been renting for about 11 years I immediately wanted to tear into a room in my new home. Just because I could. This was the smallest room and didn't really need anything major so I started here. A couple coats of paint and it would be good. OR So I thought...
As you will notice in all my other posts this paint color is in EVERY room in the house. It's not a bad color, but I have been living in someone else's house for so long and going by there rules... Now I can do whatever I want (well mostly, I do have to run it by my husband first, but he usually gives in. Especially when it comes to decorating)  :)
 As I was painting the trim I noticed that most of the caulk needed a redo and there was alot of cleaning up from whoever had painted before. Once I got the top of the walls painted... it was time for the bottom.
 That is were my OCD kicked in... A week and a half later... and I had removed ALL the old caulk and re-caulked the bathroom. The walls are painted, removed and replaced the light, taken out the medicine cabinet and replaced it.

 My Amazing paint. I had five samples on this wall for about 4 days...
 I'm still trying to decide whether it is just the color I really like or the fact that it is MINE! I didn't have to get anyones permission and I don't have to repaint when I move... I'm kinda thinking that has ALOT to do with it :)

Here is that piece from my Because It's Pretty post...
Like I said it was not the right color for it's purpose... So a couple coats of black spray paint and a few touches of white make it perfect.
And more of my Treasures... Most of the enamel ware I got from my Momma, a few of the pieces she was willing to park with :) The candle holder was brown. Gotta love spray paint.
This is the ALMOST finished bathroom. Still needs a few touches, the white hand towels will be getting black ribbon stitched onto the edges, a shelf idea is in my head for over the toilet, and all the pieces will be put into place. 

Adding some trim to these lain white hand towels tied them into the room very well. 
The hook pictured is not in the room, but can be purchased from my shop  

This Fabulous piece that my Mother-in-Law got me will soon be added to the room also.

This mirror will eventually be replaced by something awesome and black... just gotta go Treasure Hunting. I know it is out there waiting for me to find it :) 
The curtain rods and hooks were white, but I decided to paint them black to fit with the rest of the room. Two long window curtains on their own rod and it turned out better than I imagined. Oh My!!!
The shelf has been made and installed. I took some old iron hooks off the back porch, painted them and added a piece of ebony stained wood. 
I am still looking for that mirror, I know I will find it.

 Don't really remember where I found this hook, but it is pretty and works perfectly in the room.
 Can you believe this all started with a rusty ol' cookin' pot that nobody else thought was BEAUTIFUL!!!

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