12 June 2012

The Guestroom Redo

 When we bought our new home it was immediately decided that this would be the guest room. It has it's own private bath so that makes it perfect. You know how usually the guest room is pretty much the last room you really get done? Besides the Master of course. 
Well now we got company coming.
The bedroom didn't really need alot of attention, just some furniture and a few cosmetic touches.Like getting rid of this rainbow ceiling fan. Yes this was in the room.

BUT... The bathroom only had a fresh coat of paint to make it look pretty. The floor was linoleum that looked like it had been thrown in just because it was easy.
And the tub needed more than a little elbow grease applied.
The caulk was pretty much petrified and years of other peoples crud in all the cracks.
The sink was in good shape and looked fairly new although it has had a fair share of leaks. The toilet was just shot... The metal pole you see is to keep the plunger pulled up because the toilet was running even with the water turned off. There was a mirror there, but the medicine cabinet had been removed. All the trim in here looked like they had just taken all the left over from the rest of the house and mismatched it, and most of it didn't even fit the walls.
I had already decided that those fabulous floors we found at Habitat were going in here. So the first thing to do was rip out that nasty linoleum... That was a HORRIBLE idea!!!

It had been laid on top of even worse linoleum that absolutely would not come up. The second layer was literally ripping up the wood sub floor when we tried to take it out.

So I scrubbed and beached the whole thing.

A fresh coat of sage and the floors are going in :)

The sink is now out of the bedroom and back where it belongs... All new (used) wood flooring, new bright white trim...
And the new toilet :) It is a temporary solution, but our company is coming from Kentucky so they will feel right at home here.
Now to get started on that NASTY tub and recaulk the whole bathroom. I have discovered since moving in that I love to caulk and I am pretty dang good at it too.
While going thru this whole process I have come up with my best invention ever... 
I am horrible when it comes to lists. I have at least 5 for this whole redo and I couldn't tell you were any of them are right now. It also seems that every time I have a great idea I can never find anything to write on. And you can forget about remembering all that stuff, my brain is so full of ideas it doesn't have room to store any new ones.
So as I was sitting at my puter one day it happened. 
Then I remembered way back when we use to draw and write on our pants in school. See we were smart back then. It just took me a few years to remember that great idea.

I grabbed my pen and started writing. I have not lost this list once :) And it is the only one I have written in the last two weeks that I can still find. Now I just gotta ask my Momma how she use to get all that ink outta my britches. Gonna need these to be reusable and if I can't wash it out I will soon run out of room on these too.

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