12 June 2012

Guest Room "The Furniture"

Family coming to town and had to get this room finished.

These are photos of some of the redos in the room.

Already had the mattress, box springs, and a metal frame. BUT... I wanted to find a headboard that would fit the style in the room. After a few days of looking I found this. 
Just a plain and simple piece that I could add a few touches too.
Here is that adorable foot board I got at Habitat. I never had any intention to use this as a foot board at all. I just really liked the curves and was going to cut it up and make something else out of it. When I started this room and knew what look I wanted it to have I just had to put this one in there.
Everything is going white.
About this bed that I decided I just had to have :) Well you see none of the parts were meant to be able to go together. 
The frame we had was actually meant to be just a stand alone so it didn't have the metal pieces on the ends that slide into the notches on the headboard and footboard. It also wasn't quite long enough to fit the mattress on after it was attached. And the footboard is longer than the headboard.
Have I mentioned yet that I have the most AMAZING husband in the world. Well I do...  
I gave him all these random pieces and he rebuilt a fabulous bed out of my beautiful treasures (or junk as he likes to call it). He amazes me every time I come up with some new idea. And my ideas are never simple. I come up with some crazy idea and he has to figure out how to build it. I usually just have to describe or draw out what I want and somehow he ALWAYS manages to make my ideas look better than I imagined them to be.
This one was a little complicated... As I said none of these pieces went together so he had to redesign the rails. He had to add about a foot on each side of the rails, make brackets attach them to the rails, and make it all fit the headboard and footboard and still be even and level. Then it all had to hold up when the bed was put together. And he somehow managed to make it look so simple.
You'd think this wasn't the first time he had done this, but  have never requested an entire bed built out of random Treasures. But now that I know he can do it :)

This dresser has been in our room for about 9 yrs now. My Granny Bessie gave this to me on a visit home to KY. At the time we were driving a car and everybody told me I wasn't going to be able to bring it down to GA. First of all I have good genes and my Momma taught me well. Also you should never tell a military spouse she can't move something across three states in a car...Because we will do it just to prove you wrong.
I completely dismantled the entire thing and hauled it home.
It has moved about 6 times now, still in pretty good shape. However it was an old handmade piece when I got it so it is starting to loose the drawer bottoms, but it is still sturdy and looks good.

More clean lines and white paint...
Another Treasure Huntin' find. This one also happened to be clean lines, but I had already added some detail to the dresser and headboard so I knew I could tie the whole room together and make it all fit. I like that all the pieces just happened to have clean lines except the footboard. I wanted the room to have a clean, shabby, cottage feel. And starting with all the simple bases made it work out perfectly.
Picked up this chair at Habitat a couple months ago... Knew exactly where it was going the moment I saw it..... I had found an idea that I liked but couldn't find the right piece to fill it. This was it.
Finally getting some color in this room. A beautiful yellow.
These two things were not exactly the prettiest things ever, but I love the little trays and knew I (Chad) could dismantle them for me.
And I was right :)
Cute little lamp

This was a Goodwill find and was black to start with, as soon as I saw it I immediately saw it in white and I had to have it for my guest room. But didn't know what it was going to be... Then MJ reminded me of the ugly trays :)
Just added this to the decor a couple of days ago. I had another mirror that I wanted to use, but this one just looks like it belongs. 

This is a few of those little details I have been talking about adding into the room to make everything come together.

I still haven't finished the room, but I will show you a couple of these fabulous pieces.

You will have to wait just a little longer to find out how all of these Wonderful Treasures came together.

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