12 June 2012

The Finished Guest Room

Before you look at this post make sure you have seen the before pics, because some of this may not make any since if you haven't. 

FINALLY!!! Some progress in this room. There are a couple of things I still want to do, but they are just last minute things and I wanted to get these on here. Also I am going thru Treasure Huntin' withdrawals today, but ain't allowed to go til this is done :)

I knew I was doing the sage with white and a touch of yellow in the bathroom. I had found the towels while in MS for my baby sisters wedding.

We will start in the bathroom since it was done two days ago. That nasty tub now looks brand new... A little elbow grease, a can of Ajax, a bottle of bleach, a green scratchy, a paint scrapper, and a razor blade plus three hours and some new caulk is ALL it took.
The towel hanger.

And here is that beautiful chair with the little rack and trays.
The rug is made from a piece of upholstery fabric from Beyond Fabric and trim from an old quilt . You can find Mrs. Sara here on the store Facebook page. This is where I shop for all my fabrics I use. Unless of course I find some Treasure Huntin', can't pass up those deals.

And the tray is perfect for a few rags and a fat bird of course.
And did you see that beautiful wood floor? Chad is the best.
My scrap shelf. Needed something to sit the necessities on in the bathroom. Apothecary jars are a must find EVERY time I am looking for Treasures.
The sink back in place.
And we replaced the toilet with a new one. So ya'll don't have to go in the bucket now. Hung up the old towel rods that were on the other wall.
And yes Dad,  you are allowed to use ALL of the towels and rags in here. They are not just for decoration. But it is probably best not to use them ALL at once because this ain't no hotel and you will be doing your own laundry :) So glad you are coming to see me. I luv you!

Now on to the bedroom. More of those hooks I love. These have a little more detail to them in the two colors for the room.  I wanted the bedroom to be very light so I went with white and yellow in here with just a touch of sage. And I loved this yellow paint.


The curtains... with the perfect yellow to match the paint. 

The chair is still on the to-do list. I have to make a cushion for it and have already started on it. But it looked so pretty in here I couldn't wait. The detail in the wood match the style in the room so good. And yes this was a Treasure find also.
My cute little pillow. Wasn't able to find just the right yellow print fabric so I painted my own for this one using the yellow fabric I already had. And added a white tonal and the same trim as the curtains.


Remember how none of the furniture went together. A few coats of paint and some wooden detail...

And it is a matching set.

The dresser also got some new knobs.
Still need to work on this too. I'm not sure what it is about it, but it is needing something... Treasure Huntin' time :)
Here is another item on my to-do list. I have three wire baskets that I want to put in here, but I need to make the fabric inserts for them first.
And that perfect little plain nightstand has a new look too.
And of course another fat bird... I do love fat birds.

My lamp with a coat of paint and a new shade. Covered the shade in a scrap from a waffle blanket I found and used thru out the room. 

Remember how the bed began?
Here is that Fabulous bed that my husband somehow managed to put together. Have I mentioned how Amazing he is??? Well he is... :) 
The total cost for the whole bed including mattress and box springs was...  less than $20 and most of that was the metal and screws to rebuild the frame.
The headboard got the same details as the other furniture.

Here is the rest of that waffle blanket. I used the yellow fabric behind it, this is also what I used to redo the chair in the bathroom.
 Made the two pillows in front.
 I love this floral print in the frames, but didn't want to use it alot in the room because the green wasn't the right color. But it looks adorable with just the small touches in the frames.
And now the finished bed. This is probably my favorite part of the room.

The wedding ring quilt at the foot of the bed was hand stitched by my Granny Bessie. A most prized possession and is not to be used EVER! I got this long before buying a house was ever thought of and here it is a perfect fit for the guest room.

Isn't it beautiful.

Well I guess now I gotta go clean up the HUGE mess I made on the landing over the last couple weeks while I have been working on this. I have been cut off from Treasure Huntin' til that is done. So maybe I'll get to go this weekend :)

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Beehind Thyme said...

ABSOLUTELY... BEAUTIFUL! I have to say... you have gotten me in the mood for some REDO-DECORATING. My bedroom first on the list... I'm SO proud of you... your talent ROCKS!

Aunt Pam